Why Every Small Business Needs a CRM

Date: 22/05/2016 | Insightly CRM, Website Integration

As a busy small software development business. I find it impossibly difficult to keep track of every business prospect & client engagement I've ever had. The biggest mistake I used to make was underestimating the value of even the most brief of chats about a product, a service or an idea. Infact! some of these fleeting moments happened years ago and I've failed to record their contact details let alone what was discussed.  This put simply is missed opportunity. Now whilst the business was cold at the time I could have been proactively reaching out to them on a regular basis with follow up calls, news letters, tweets and all things social over the years. I could have scheduled these routine follow ups and monitored these interactions much closer and derived facts that could have helped me closed a deal. Now incomes Inslightly CRM : And I'll say without a doubt it is one of the best decisions I've made for my business in a long time. I'm more organised and on top of my game like never before. My client engagement is up and so is my revenue. Now it's not just the fact I'm using a CRM that made all the difference, its what I've done with it that has made the biggest impact. I'll give you my best example : I own a website called www.bitapp.io . Now I sell a multitude of products including custom mobile app development services, out of the box solutions food truck & personal trainers and I even do training programs to help teach business owners to build their own applications. Every time someone users my websites and posts an inquiry. The following happens :

  1. I'm immediately notified on my phone that someone is reaching out to me
  2. That person's contact details are recorded in my CRM along with the description of the inquiry
  3. My CRM immediately starts the process of trying to resolve the user on popular social media outlets such as Facebook & Twitter
  4. Using the Insightly mobile app for Android, I immediately have the ability to respond via email or call directly.
  5.  I immediately have an estimated ball park figure of how much revenue I will generate from this lead which will assist with my forecasting.

Below are a couple of screen shots of an example of both the opportunity and the contact details that have been automatically recorded.



From here I can take notes of my engagement, schedule appointments, tasks and begin a targeted campaign to drive an immediate sale or engage on a long term campaign. Insighly also offers a external services integration such as mailchimp newsletter system & even a software developers integration web service. I literally take advantage of all this and even go as far to integrate real-time chat into my website to allow prospects to have a conversations with me about my products and services. And you guessed it! I use my CRM to record all those details too. Give it a try! visit my website at http://www.bitapp.io.

Now if you don't have a CRM you are seriously doing your business and yourself a huge disservice. Remember that every contact you meet has huge value whether they buy from you or not. They may have friends, or friends of a friend. The bottom line is : Keep them in your loop either way. Let them know you are thinking of them by regular follow up calls, mail campaigns and following up on social media. So shop around if you're in the market for a CRM with some clever integration. I personally use Insightly and encourage anybody that's a small to medium size business to adopt the service as well. When you do sign up make sure you maximize your value from the system by integrating it with as many social outlets and websites as you have. Your future self will thank you for the decision you make today. You can reach me at http://www.bitapp.io#contact for some friendly advice . Thank you for taking the time to read.      

Posted by: Shaun Case
Position: Technical Consultant
Date: 22/05/2016

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